• ‘Bodies at the Border: reflections on LGBT+ Ugandan refugees in Kenya’.16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Blogathon. Through their research project ‘Bodies at the Border’ funded by the British Academy, Bompani, Camminga, and Marnell reflect on the different forms of care, religious experiences, and support that are needed by Ugandan LGBT+ displaced communities in Kenya.
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The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality. 

What kinds of queer politics become possible in the aftermath of colonialism? Rahul Rao addresses this and other questions in this lecture. B Camminga as discussant.

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What is your #QueerSONA.

We need a follow-up of the promises that have been made such as legal gender recognition and intersex genital mutilation, says Dr B Camminga from ACMS. “The Constitution applies to everyone in this country. That means we should be acknowledging LGBT people from across the continent that are living here.”

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Governing Intimacies: Queer and Trans African Mobilities.

How should we conceptualise queer and trans movement on and from Africa? This panel showcases exciting new research from a forthcoming collection, Queer and Trans African Mobilities: Migration, Asylum and Diaspora (ZED Books).


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New legislation and policy for trans and intersex persons in South Africa 

B Camminga takes us through a brief history of the legal gender recognition laws in South Africa and outlines the asks from government in crafting new legislation that is inclusive of all gender identities and category of persons.

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Protection Issues and Solutions for LGBTIQ+ People in Contexts of Forced Displacement. 

Presentation by Dr B Camminga on LGBT asylum seekers in South Africa.


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Amplifying Trans and Gender Diverse Voices

Gender DynamiX. An in-depth online conversation about the impact of COVID-19 and Understanding the needs of Trans and Gender Diverse persons through the lens of Migration.

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Spreading the Word

An video archive designed and produced by the Cátedra Libre de Estudios Trans* (The Chair of Trans Studies), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina of invited trans* intellectuals from around the world.



  • ‘The Colonial Conundrum of Transsexuality in South Africa’. Notches: Transgender Histories (2017). In 1974, for the first time in South Africa’s history, a law recognising the rights of transsexuals was passed. The discussion in the country’s parliament was marked by the kind of informed dialogue that many countries today have yet to cultivate. I suggest that we need to consider the presence of a ‘colonial artefact’—mentioned by Parliamentarians as having informed some of their understanding—Jan Morris’s international bestseller, Conundrum.
  • ‘Gender Refugees and Border Lines: An Interview with Dr. B Camminga’.Social Science Research Council. B Camminga, a 2016-17 Next Generation Social Sciences Completion Fellow, studies transgender refugees establishing a new life in South Africa. SSRC staff, Francesca Freeman and Natalie Reinhart, interviewed B at a workshop in Nairobi, and B shared reflections on their dissertation research.